You are not responsible for the programming you received in childhood.  As an adult, you are 100% responsible.


1.  Identify the negative subconscious programs running in the background of your mind.

2.  Delete those programs and move them to the trash bin.

3.  Reprogram your subconscious mind with a new operating system.

 The outrageous and sometimes unbelievable, expletive-filled experiences that led to his awakening read like Hunter S. Thompson, Dr. Dyer, and Jesus debating the meaning of life while bungee jumping blindfolded out of an Apache helicopter backwards and eating sushi together. We first became friends on an adventure to Egypt, where I was sometimes in shock and at other times laughing uncontrollably until it hurt over his strange and wonderful life full of hardship, supernatural experiences and spiritual epiphanies. Soon we will do an interview together, so I can introduce you all to this extraordinarily fascinating man. -Jonny Enoch-Writer,lecturer and esoteric researcher, and founder of Metaphysical Source 


Editor’s Manuscript Evaluation

The Book of John

By John T. Long


Dear John,

Congratulations on the completion of your manuscript. The Book of John is, indeed, a page-turner, starting with an incredible stream of consciousness from the first page. Memories and events are fractured and stacked on top of each other—everything from mundane memories, to memories of your childhood, to memories of deaths and traumas. There is a terrible, wonderful vividness to everything, and the poignant details provide a distinct sense of the era; for example, the 1960s: “A time of real drug stores filled with stationary stools on silver poles capped in red leather” (p. 11). It reminds of me of what might play in our heads at the moment of death (the “life-flashing-before-your-eyes” phenomenon)—the brain releasing all of this information, making connections between events that previously seemed disparate.

It’s very clear from the beginning that in this manuscript, you are tumbling with the deepest existential questions: fate (religious destiny) vs. free will (“The devil didn’t make you do it, you did it” [p. 16]). You jump around in time brilliantly, seamlessly, linking the supernatural with the natural with ease, shaking the story of your life into relief through the juxtapositions you make, like your first (and only) UFO sighting with your discovery of sex at thirteen (p. 18). Sometimes these jumps are shocking (and such is life), like Julie’s profession of love, to the next line, where you write you’d heard she’d committed suicide.

You are a talented writer, and imagery-wise, you encompass all the senses—like, notably, the smell of rotting human flesh: “a mixture of a dead rat, burned flesh and rotten fish” (p. 26). The observations you make about others are powerful—notably, Teresa: “Her pace is quickened not realizing she’ll never be able to get away from herself” (p. 75).

Narrative-wise, you repeatedly subvert the reader’s expectations with the chaotic, nonlinear nature of events (again: such is life). The reader assumes you are healing, and then the relapse: “I’d never been this high without dope; it frightens me. That night I get drunk and smoke crack!” (pp. 117–18). The narrative gets more stable as your healing commences in full, which makes sense, but your voice remains in tact—full of feeling and empathy, but more refined, self-reflective, and focused.

This is a book that will affect and inspire its readers, from the people who know you, to readers who enjoy raw, real-life stories of healing, to readers who have struggles of their own. Once again, well done.


Your FriesenPress Editor

Experience is the best teacher!

 Let John show you through his personal experience how to live a life beyond your wildest dreams!  Every cell in your body will be singing with joy!  

Thoughts are electric.

Emotions are magnetic.

Have you ever had these feelings?

I don't deserve it.

I'm not good enough.

What do other people think of me.

  Discover where these thoughts came from and how to erase them.

  Program new thoughts through techniques and modalities in the book. 

John is a licensed practicing attorney, counselor and personal coach who has helped hundreds of people find true joy.

Wow!  What a life you have led, and continue to lead!  The story moves along at a good pace, and just when the reader thinks that he/she knows what is going to happen next, something out of the blue occurs.  Lots of suspense and surprise and wonder.  I like how you tell the story in the present tense.  That gives it a sense of immediacy. The humorous touches throughout are great!  They balance out the sad stories in a yin-yang kind of way.  Your voice in the prose is clear and persuasive. I can hear you saying these words sitting right next to me. Believe me, that’s a hard thing to pull off.  Too many writers try to generate an “authorial” voice and end up sounding contrived.  Your book, on the other hand, clearly comes from the heart.  It peels back layers of mystery yet never goes so far afield that the reader cannot follow. It is a journey your readers will love taking with you! 

  This has been an amazing project to work on at the start of 2019.  I can’t help but feel like reading the book will kick my year off in the right direction.  I feel uplifted and lighter (although I do still want to go bitch slap that Russian woman for taking you on a ride, but I guess forgiveness is the better option—HA!). 

  Thank you for this rare and special opportunity.  The book is a pleasure to read, and I have no doubt that your readers will feel the same way. -Dr. Julie Steward, Editor and Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Samford University.

  Unworthiness Programming and where it comes from:

· Born in “sin”-Society, parents, education.

· Negative self-talk-Self

· Dishonesty-Self -leads to guilt, shame, remorse.

· Not good enough-Parents, self.

· I don’t deserve it-Parents, self.

· Debt (instant gratification)-Society, parents & self.

· Lack-Society, education, self.

· What other people think of me-self-imposed narcissistic illusion.

· Selfishness-What I want. What I deserve. It belongs to me. I’m not treated right, etc. (Wanting to change others or things is selfish).


· Change beliefs and keep an open mind. Beliefs are just thoughts that you think over and over again until you believe something. Everybody is right according to them! They have their own programming, conditioning, life events and experiences. (You have no idea what they’ve been through). Accept everybody and everything the way they are or it is. 

· Stop talking or thinking negative thoughts! Write them down at night. Every time they come up change them with positive affirmations. I AM __________. (abundant, worthy, etc.)

· Stop lying.

· Be grateful for what you have.

· Stop blaming others and accept responsibility for your actions. The devil didn’t make you do it you did!

· Quit complaining.

· Act as if you already have it. Imagine it, experience the feeling of it. (joy)

· Spend time in silence. Meditate and pray for this Creator of Worlds, this Intelligence of the Universe to help you.

· Write down and repeat all through the day I AM statements, especially at night before sleep.

· Stop eating crap food that has no nutritional value.

· Exercise.