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   John is a licensed practicing attorney, counselor and personal life coach who has helped thousands of people. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama and has a B.A. in American Studies (a self-study concentrating in History, English and Sociology.) from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. At thirty-five, while working full time as an insurance claims adjuster, he decided to go to law school at night and graduated from Jones School of Law in Montgomery. He is twice widowed and has two boys and two grandchildren.

   He is a self-taught metaphysician, carpenter, writer, artist and musician.  John has spent tens of thousands of hours in research, self-examination, meditation and prayer discovering the nature of reality, the Universe and himself. He spends his free time in helping others through his experiences. 

  1. For help in identifying the subconscious programs that are running in the background of your mind.
  2. How to delete those programs that you probably don't even know are running.
  3. Reinstall a new operating system of joy, peace, abundance that the world can neither give nor take away.








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