Excerpts From the Book With Photographs

Parasite Tracks In Eye




“I have no clue,” I’d say, knowing deep inside that it was Clyde! His eyes falling out; the thread I wrapped the crystal around his head that covered his eyes... He didn’t like being boiled! Later on I had a psychic reading that tells me that all my karma had been removed as a result of all this. 

Healed Eye



Just prior to the trip, I begin to get out of the problem and into the solution of treating and healing my eye. A holistic practitioner friend of mine, Rama, suggests eyewash of Triphala powder. I boil the water and let the Triphala powder seep into the solution. I get an eyecup and begin soaking my eye every morning. I also meditate and imagine the tracks in my eye dissolving while chanting “Ohm” for thirty minutes. I do this for two months, every day.  I also make positive affirmations, such as “My vision is getting better every day” and do Tibetan eye chart exercises.

“That’s impossible!” Dr. Albert says a few months later. “The tracks are gone.” 

There’s just a small semblance of a scar in the center of my macula. The Triphala powder and meditations worked! It’s another entry in the medical books.

Vortex Appearing in Yard


 A “circle” appears in my front yard. It’s approximately six to eight feet in diameter. I can sense energy coming from it. I take pictures at night and the camera reveals orbs and fluxes of energy emanating from the circle.  I can’t see the vortex of energy nor the orbs with my naked eye. The infrared vision of the camera picks up this energy flux and the orbs. The orbs are all different sizes and multicolored. 

Mont Segur-Southern France



We go to Montsegur where the Knights Templar make their final “stand” against the marauding Roman Catholic Church “Crusaders.”

The group goes one way and I go another as I want to be alone and meditate on the side of the hill. As I’m walking down to find a place to lay in the grass I find a marker with an “X” on it. This marks the spot where I decide to meditate.  

Unfinished Obelisk-Aswan



We go to Aswan where the Obelisk were quarried and see the “Unfinished Obelisk” where this civilization quarried a twelve hundred ton piece of granite, found a crack in it and left it in the ground. Mainstream archeologists say they quarried it by chipping it with a black rock; moved it over hills with rope, loaded it in a boat, then lifted it in place on a base that was perfectly equidistant and level. We don’t have the cranes nor equipment to do that today! You can see where some type of machine came down from the top and scooped the granite out.  Transported it with rope . . . That’s funny. There is not enough leverage to beat the granite with rocks. Who would volunteer to hit that last lick? 



 The Saturday after we arrived, we do a fire ceremony wherein we write a letter to God. We ask for Him to show us a sign that he got our letters. I asked for a rainbow. We place the letters into the fire and send it out into the Universe. 

How the Book Evolved


  And here is what it took to write this book...
 I have rewritten my book at least twenty times. I had a friend who was a tenured English professor read the first draft and he eviscerated me.  That made me go back, study and rewrite. It has taken me eight years. Then I let another friend, who is also a tenured English Professor and Creative Writing Director at Samford University, and she gave me more suggestions four years ago. I have been taking notes for four years and finally added all the suggestions and paid her to edit it. I then spent thirty hours line by line on the edit. I hired a self-publish company, Friesen Press and they did a manuscript evaluation. I then spent another thirty hours on that edit. Now it's ready. 

  I just finished with the cover design on February 25, 2019. The cover design was an image in my mind showing shattered glass (representing my addiction) with me in the middle. The lettering was done by MIBLArt, (ironic they are in Ukraine) and I did not like it.  I woke up one morning last week and had the layout of the image in my mind and immediately wrote it down and emailed it to the designer. They put it all together BETTER than I had imagined. The point of all this is that I did not come up with any of this except that I lived through it! The title was suggested by The Ghost Writer out of California whom I had sent a draft five years ago, except he suggested “John (not the one in the Bible).”

Powerful magic wands
Powerful magic wands