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 Welcome to the show!!! It's Friday and Brian & Ellen J have a great show lined up for you...first up, we welcome into the studio, attorney/author, John T Long into the studio; he will be joining us to talk about his book, "The Book of John: (Not The One In The Bible)" John is a licensed practicing attorney, counselor and personal life coach who has helped thousands of people. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama and has a B.A. in American Studies (a self-study concentrating in History, English and Sociology.) from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. 

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  • SPOTLIGHT ON: John Long, attorney and author BY FAITH DORN Special to The Star 

  • John Long is an attorney and bestselling author on substance abuse. Arrested in 2000 for possession of crack cocaine, and threatened with losing his law license, Long went to treatment and joined a 12-step program. Now sober for 18 years and still practicing law, he has recently released his autobiography, The Book of John (Not The One In The Bible), and it is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and more. To book Long to speak to your group contact him on his website, 

  • What interested you in working as an attorney? 

  • That was the year they came out with the Mitsubishi 3000GT, and I wanted one of those. Plus, I thought I could save the world. Neither one of those worked out. [laughter] But I have helped lots of people by doing criminal defense, divorce, personal injury — a little bit of everything. 

  • Tell us about the opioid crisis. 

  • People do not understand addiction, and the opioid crisis has to do with addiction. People — not knowing they have a genetic or whatever predisposition to addiction — take that first drink or drug. You do not know you are an addict until you take that, and once you take it, it sets off a craving — an actual physical reaction in your body to where you want more. There is an article about it by the National Institute of Health. 

  • How did you progress from drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana to using crack cocaine? 

  • The crack cocaine started when my second wife passed away from asthma, and I did not want to deal with the pain. Her daughter that was living with us had a boyfriend who I bought pot from, and he also sold cocaine. One thing led to another. Two years after starting that, I lost everything. 

  • What happened after your 35-day treatment? 

  • After treatment, I moved into a single-wide trailer in the middle of a junkyard — with eight of us living there. I came home one night after a meeting, and my wife and I got into an argument, and she threw me out of the junkyard, and the only place I had left to go was my parents’ house. I had a 25-inch Sanyo television, two garbage bags full of clothes and my two kids. I had a car I bought for $250, a 1988 Ford Thunderbird; it did not have a grill or muffler, and I had to wipe the windows with my hands, but it got me to meetings. 

  • Tell us about your experience in Sedona. 

  • Last year, I went to Sedona, Arizona, with some friends I met on Facebook; it was for a psychic awareness seminar. We did this fire ceremony where we wrote a letter to God. In that letter I asked God to help me finish writing this book because I had put it down for four years, but I knew if I ever finished it, it would help a lot of people. So, we put our letters in the fire and sent it out into the universe. There were about 18 of us, and we all asked for different things; I asked to be shown a rainbow. The next day, a friend of mine who had moved to Sedona said he would take me to a meeting. Everybody gets there, and I am asked to read the literature for the meeting. He announces the meeting and says, “I want to welcome everyone to the Over the Rainbow group of Alcoholics Anonymous.” I started bawling like a baby, and I could not even read; I am sure I gave those people a stereotype — guy from Alabama cannot even read! [laughter] They give out sobriety chips at the beginning of the meetings. One girl said, “Oh, I am so filled with gratitude that I made it a year without drinking. I was looking out my window on my way here, looking at Bell Rock, and ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ started playing on the radio.” I started crying again. We start sharing, and another guy said, “Oh, April, I am so proud of you. I remember when you were growing up, we used to call you by your nickname ‘April Rainbow’.” I got back from the trip, and I was looking at my pictures, and there is a rainbow in one of them.

  • JOHN LONG Hometown: Birmingham 
  • Occupation: Attorney and #1 best-selling author 
  • Favorite author: James Redfield and Wayne Dyer 
  • Favorite film: 
  • “Avatar” 
  • Favorite music: Indie Rock 
  • Words to live by: 
  • I try to maintain my integrity. I think that is really important for an individual. If you cannot be honest with other people and yourself, you get guilt, regret and remorse. Tell the truth. Be real. I do not sugarcoat anything. Advice: Let go, let God. Be honest. Be who you are. Be authentic.



I just finished your book last night! Holy crap is it ever good! I laughed, cried and said "OMG" alot!  Your book is an amazing testement of how "Everything Happens For a Reason"... Its quite mindblowing when you sit back and think of how the Universe works in ways that we can't even begin to imagine! 

My father's death was my catalyst for my huge life change. It is the event iny life that almost killed me, yet his death is what started me on my journey which eventually led us to being in Sedona  and doing the fire ceremony. I actually got the fire ceremony idea after I wrote God a letter about my dad and the pain I was in with losing him, I asked Him to remove the pain... And He did!

I've been sitting here with tears running down my face after reading that the fire ceremony is what helped you finish the book! 

Spirit works in the most magnificent ways... For me, it always goes back to my dad. This is why we have to Bless The Bullshit.... It's fertilizer for your dreams!

Amazing book written by an amazing soul!!-Patricia Mona

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Patricia's Book of The Month


(Not The One In The Bible)

Written By: John T. Long

I am thrilled to recommend this months Great Read to you! I have had the pleasure of teaching John T. Long at one of my International Psychic Retreats last year in Sedona Az and I know that you will love his wit and wisdom as much as I do!
Spending the week in one of the most magical places in the world, John was able to have a BIG sign from Spirit that the "Big guy" upstairs was listening...He speaks about his retreat experience in his new book "The Book Of John (Not The One In The Bible).